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Land Clients Even Faster
With 16 Weeks of Incredible Training Designed To Overcome Your Biggest Challenges!
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What Can You Expect During Your 16-Week Authority Mastery Track Training?

Learning First Hand...
From Marketing Experts

For 16 weeks of training, you'll have a front-row seat to learning proven marketing insights and strategies from expert coaches as they take you by the hand as your guide during your Authority Accelerator journey!

This is not just “theory” someone made up out of thin air. These are the exact strategies and tactics working right now in agencies that your coaches have shared to help grow to six and seven figure businesses.

Discovering How To Reach New Customers Quickly

During your 16 Week Authority Mastery Track Training we’re going to equip you with everything you need create new sales opportunities by training you on:
  • How to create foot-in-the-door conversations with businesses to offer a high value service!
  • ​Strategies to leverage multiple channels to have people reaching out to you!
  • ​Discover the secret marketing strategies to scale your offers!

Mastering Your Sales Process

Leave the guessing behind as we walk you through proven marketing strategies to move a business from interested to a customer!

The 16 Week Authority Mastery Track Training will pull back the curtain for you to reveal our proven sales process and will help you familiarizing yourself with:
  • Tapping into the power of lead magnets to attract decision makers!
  • ​Sales scripts and presentations that you can rely on!
  • ​How to seal the deal with confidence and close the Sale!

From Start Up To Scale Up,
We've Got You Covered!

It's time to get a jumpstart on things as we build your Authority Accelerator business together! We'll guide you on mastering all of the important details to ensure that you have a solid foundation for success, including:
  • How To Quickly Set Up Your Agency & Business
  • ​Easily “LIVE STREAM” Google Reviews To Any Website
  • ​Designing Your Review Badge!
  • ​It's Time You Have The Confidence To Create New Revenue Opportunities For Your Agency!

Who's the 16 Week Authority Mastery Track Designed For?

The Onlooker

If you've always been sitting on the sideline wishing you had the confidence to get started with reputation marketing at ANY level... now's the perfect opportunity to get in the game!

The Too-Busy

Perhaps you're you're already "crushing it" with other services, but you know that you need diversity in your portfolio and there's never been a better time than NOW thanks to the 16 Week Authority Mastery Track training!

The Overwhelmed

If you're someone who’s always been interested in reputation marketing but got overwhelmed or is worried about "what to do next"... then this sixteen week hand-holding experience is exactly what you need!

The Expert

You might already have a few reputation clients or even a 6-figure business, but there's no substitute for direct, hands-on strategy training to BOOST your results!


BONUS: 4 LIVE Trainings With The Offline Sharks

That's right...

Get ready for the ultimate crash-course in how to build and scale your agency fast with the Authority Accelerator. Join Nick & Tom LIVE for 4 exclusive in-depth trainings!

This bonus is your chance to be guided by true marketing experts to take your market by storm!
Get Up & Running Sooner While Building An Agency Built To Stand Out From The Market!


Don't Miss The NEW 16 Week

Authority Mastery Track Training

Learn First Hand From True Experts

By the end of your 16 Week Authority Mastery Track Training, you’ll have learned everything you need to know to find high-profit clients, fulfill in minutes, upsell your clients to even higher profits, and exceed your customer’s expectations! 
  • Includes LIVE Q&A From Marketing Experts!
  • ​In-Depth Done-With-You Over The Shoulder Training For SIXTEEN WEEKS!
  • ​Receive Access To On-Demand Training Recordings!
  • ​Walkaway With The Confidence You've ALWAYS WANTED With Marketing!
  • BONUS: + 4 LIVE Trainings With The Offline Sharks Nick & Tom!

Total Value: $2,999.99

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